Welcome to my blog!

Hey there, reader! Whether you’ve come to this site intentionally to read what I have to say, or you just happened to stumble your way to my blog by random coincidence, it’s great to have you. On this blog, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts and opinions on just about everything, and while you may not, (and probably won’t) agree with everything on here, I hope you’ll enjoy reading what I have to say.

This blog is mostly the result of years of hitch-hiking on other people’s blogs to express my opinions, as well as some recent frustration with a friend of mine who did not seem willing to let me speak freely on a topic on his blog. So now, I have my own private soap-box on which I can exercise my constitutional right to freedom of the press each and every day.

I’d like to invite you to join me in expressing your opinion about things you care about right here on this website. Chances are that if there’s an issue you care strongly about, I’ll get around to talking about it sooner or later. And when I do, you’re welcome to either add your agreement or voice your criticism. Both are welcomed on this blog.

Well, that about wraps up introductions. Now I’d like to invite you to buckle up, sit tight, and get ready to hear my thoughts and opinions on just about everything.