A Sad Day for Our Country


Well, it’s finally here. The day I’ve been dreading now for several weeks. Inauguration day. As I type these words, Barrack Hussein Obama is being sworn in as President of the United States of America.

When Barrack Obama first stepped into the spotlight of the political scene two plus years ago, I, along with a lot of other conservatives, dismissed him as an extreme liberal; too extreme to ever make it very far in the world of politics. After all; he was voted most liberal senator in 2007. I assumed he was too liberal for main-stream America.

Then, along came Jeremiah Wright, and the audio clips of him shouting “God Damn America”, along with a whole host of other offensive remarks. At that point, I thought Obama’s fate was sealed. There was no way that the democrats would nominate a person who had been sitting in an anti-America, anti-Semitic, pro-communist church for twenty years without condemning those teachings, right? That would be like the Republicans nominating someone who had been going to Ku Klux Klan meetings for the last twenty years. It would be unthinkable. And yet it happened. Obama got the nomination.

After that came the unearthing of the born-alive infant protection act. The act designed to protect survivors of failed abortions; living, breathing babies. The bill that even Hillary Clinton voted for, but that Obama opposed. Surely, if Obama was too liberal for Hillary Clinton, then he had to be too liberal for main-stream America. There was no way he could get enough votes to be elected. Or so I thought.

Then it was convention time. And Obama made, in my opinion, yet another stupid mistake by picking Joe Biden as his running mate, further antagonizing all those angry Hillary supporters. At the same time, McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, catering to the conservative end of the Republican Party while at the same time attracting Hillary supporters. Again, I thought McCain had the race in the bag.

And, for a week or so, McCain was ahead in the polls by 5% to 7%. But Obama crept back in to the lead, where he stayed for the remainder of the race.

As Election Day came to a close, I was truly baffled. I still am today. How on earth did such a liberal man ever get elected? He had everything going against him. He had the entire Republican Party, plus thousands of disaffected Hillary supporters against him. He is an ultra-liberal. And he was running against a moderate, who should have pulled at least some of the swing-voters to his side. He had connections with the convicted slum-lord Rezko, and his political career was launched in Bill Ayer’s living room. He supported policies that were too liberal even for Hillary Clinton. So how, HOW did he ever get elected?

There are really a lot of things that Obama’s victory can be attributed too. First of all, the party who is not in power always has the upper-hand. And of course, the mortgage collapse came at exactly the wrong time; even though anyone who was willing to actually look at the facts could see that the Fanny/Freddy collapse was due to left-wing socialist policies, not “the failed policies of the Bush administration”. And of course there is the media, which is so liberally biased that it’s not even funny.

But even still, with all those things stacked up against him, McCain should have won. No amount of mortgage collapses or media biases should have been able to erase the effects of Wright’s offensive comments or the born-alive infant protection act. So why did Obama win?

Ultimately, I think it comes down to the fact that by and large, the American people are just plain stupid. They fell for Obama not because of his policies, (since half of Obama supporters don’t even know where he stands), nor because of his history, (why would anyone support someone who’d been going to an anti-Semitic church for the last twenty years?), nor because of his principles, (anyone who has been associated with the likes of Tony Rezko obviously has no principles whatsoever), but because he’d young, he’s good-looking, he can read a speech well, and he knows how to use meaningless phrases like “Hope” and “Change” to sway a crowd.

As it stands now, the future of our country looks incredibly bleak. After all, if we can elect an unprincipled, immoral man like Obama without even hiccupping, there’s no telling what we will do next. I can only hope that Obama will fall flat on his face, be exposed as the ultra-extreme radical that he is, make an utter fool of himself, and that somehow, through some act of God, the American people will wake up to the nightmare they have created.