Top Five Stupid Things That Obama Has Done So Far

NOTE: Three years after first posting this, I decided to come up with an all new, updated list of Obama’s top five blunders… you can check it out here. Of course, you can also read the original post below…


Some of you may be surprised that I’ve gone so long without posting. I am a little myself. After all, within the last few weeks, there’ve been so many stupid things our new president has done; it seems that I would have found something to talk about by now. As a matter of fact, I think there’s just too much there to discuss. From the “stimulus” package, which is really just a bill packed with pork for senator’s pet projects to the lifting of the ban on embryonic stem-cell research, there’s just so much there to talk about. Asking a conservative like me to pick something to write about from the last month is like giving a starving man a menu. So, instead of picking one single subject, I’m going to pick my list of the five top stupid things that Obama has done since he was inaugurated. These are just in the order in which I’ve thought of them, not in the order of significance or stupidity.

1. The stimulus package. Now, this stimulus package, as far as I can tell, is basically a warmed-over “New Deal”. The government is spending $80.9 billion on things like highways and bridges, (bridge to nowhere, anyone?), high-speed rail systems, green energy research, removing lead paint from public housing, electric vehicle technologies, the list goes on and on. There’s even $650 million in there for “DTV (digital television) conversion coupons” (we’d hate for the American people to be deprived of their entertainment) and “DTV transition education”.

Now, here’s the thing about this bill. I haven’t read it. I don’t think many people have. Congressmen were forced to vote on it without even getting to read it, for crying out loud. But from what I can tell, this bill is 99% pork, from start to finish. I mean, this is just more government funding for government projects. This is the democratic congress spending tax-payer dollars on pet projects to advance their own agendas. Now, I’d like to take you back to the presidential debates, when McCain attacked Obama because of his wasteful spending. Remember what Obama said about pork? “I will go through those bills line by line” he promised over and over again. Now, here’s a bill that is almost completely pork, and he signed it into law without crossing a single thing out! Where’s Obama’s scalpel with which he promised to carefully trim out any spending that wasn’t absolutely necessary? I mean, DTV conversion coupons? How is that going to stimulate the economy?

Furthermore, this method of boosting the economy has already been tested, and it failed. Henry Morgenthau Jr., secretary of the Treasury to FDR had this to say about the New Deal:

“We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.”

“I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot!”

Obviously, it didn’t work then. And if it didn’t work then, who honestly thinks it will work now?

2. Obama’s housing relief plan. Again, I’m foggy on this one, mostly because I have not had the opportunity to see the bill. But from what I understand, it says something like this. (I may not have the exact numbers right, but you’ll get the gist of it.) If you’re paying too much on your mortgage, the government will help you. If you can work with your bank to get your mortgage payment down to 38% of your annual income, then the government will match your bank dollar for dollar in getting your monthly payment down to only 30% of your income.

Now, not only is this plan totally stupid, (does congress think money grows on trees?), but it’s basically back-door socialism. Do people who went out and got mortgages that they couldn’t afford to buy houses beyond their means deserve to have the government swoop in and pay their bills? What about the people who bought the smaller, cheaper house on the bad side of town, which they could actually afford? Why should the government reward irresponsible people and punish people who bought the house they could actually afford?

3. Lifting the ban on government funding for embryonic stem-cell research. Bush, way back in 2001 banned government funding for embryonic stem-cell research, on the moral grounds that studying embryonic stem-cells destroys a human life. Now, it would be one thing if embryonic stem-cell research actually worked. But, despite what the liberal media will tell you, there has not been a single success in curing an illness with embryonic stem-cells. The only example of this technology being tried turned into a catastrophe. Doctors tried putting some embryonic stem cells into the head of a man, hoping they would grow to replace a damaged part of his brain. Instead, the cells grew into an uncontrollable tumor composed of hair and flesh.

Adult stem cells, on the other hand, actually work. They’ve saved many lives. So why does the president insist on destroying human life for a technology that has shown no signs of success, when we already have a technology that seems to be working wonderfully?

4. Throwing weekly White House parties. While Obama is spreading doom and gloom about the economic disasters supposedly created by Bush, he’s partying like it’s 1999. Between the Stevie Wonder concerts and the $100 per pound stakes, Obama’s sure making a pig out of himself on our tax dollars. Now, my question is this: With Obama going hog-wild with his parties, and spending more on the food for one meal then some Americans make in a month, does he really have any right to condemn corporations like Honeywell for buying private jets, (which, by the way, aren’t just for luxury’s sake. Corporations buy private jets because they need them, not because they want to pamper themselves.)?

5. Bungling his first meeting with the English Prime Minister Brown and family. Traditionally, when a new president meets prime minister for the first time, there’s a lot that’s supposed to happen, such as the two wives meeting for lunch, a press conference in the Rose Garden, the exchange of very expensive gifts, etc. But Obama completely and totally bungled it. He canceled the Rose Garden press conference, as well as a lot of other traditional events, including the formal dinner and reception. And while the Browns brought the Obamas incredibly valuable gifts, such as pen-holder made from the HMS Gannet (the sister ship of the HMS Resolute, the ship from which the Oval Office desk was carved), a first edition biography of Winston Churchhill, expensive dresses for the Obama girls, etc., the Obamas returned the favor with, (drum roll please), a 25 DVD set of American movies, and toy helicopters for the Brown’s boys. This comes after Obama sending back the bust of Winston Churchill to the British government, (given to Bush by Tony Blaire).

Now, I don’t know if Obama is trying to send a message or just being plain dumb in snubbing the British Prime minister. But either way, he’s being an idiot. The United Kingdom is our closest and strongest ally, and we don’t want to lose their friendship. I can only hope that Prime Minister Brown realizes that Obama doesn’t symbolize the feelings of the US.

So, there you have it. The five stupidest things that I could think of at the moment that Obama has done. I’m sure there’re truckloads more, but I have neither the time nor resources to comment on all of them. I can only hope that this pattern of stupidity does not continue.

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  • You’re one smart young conservative. How many years until you can run for president?

  • TRP

    I’m flattered! I don’t think I’ve ever really seriously considered running for president, though. I think most of my views are too far right from main-stream America to ever get very far. However, if I were to run for president, I’d have to wait at least another eighteen years.

  • I’ll wait. I think you can still vote when you’re 80!

  • Just noticed you’re from New Mexico. I was born and raised in and around Albuquerque. We have relatives in Jemez Springs. Just FYI. Keep up the good work.

  • Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  • I believe that we should respect the leaders of our country whether we agree with them or not, but honest, Obama is making it very difficult for me to respect him.

  • I just realized your blog is from March. You really don’t get on line very often, do you? anyway, it’s good to hear there are young conservatives still alive. I have always been conservative and I believe people should pull their own weight, and they should be allowed to keep their money.

    I have found it very hurtful and insulting, however, that you think that just because I went for the American dream of owning a home (in my 40’s) that I’m somehow irresponsible. What you don’t know, or don’t want to consider, is that we COULD afford the house we bought, when we bought it. About two years later, and just about the time that Obama was taking money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, my husband’s job was shut down due to “Government Audit.” He had to cease immediately for “an unforeseen amount of time.” He was put out of work. My husband is the hardest working man I have ever known and you will be lucky if you could match his work ethic.

    He is in his 50s. You are still a teenager. You will have trouble, from time to time, finding a job due to inexperience. That’s fixable. My husband woke up every morning, no matter what he did, and found that he was STILL in his 50s. Experience matters very little when you have aged. His Masters degree means nothing to an employer. But he should be able to find something, right? Sales jobs – that’s all. Anyway, one day we discovered that our affordable mortgage payment had been raised. We had been expecting it. But never in a million years would we think it would go up a THOU$AND DOLLAR$ a month. NEVER! Do you even make a thousand dollars a month?

    When we bought our house we had just adopted two children from the foster care system. One more was soon to follow. We needed the room and didn’t have time nor energy to put into a fixer upper in the bad side of town. Another note to educate you: not all cities across the country have a “Bad Side of Town.” Sure there were cheaper homes, but by “Government Standards” you have to have a certain amount of room for each child living in your home. Boys and girls at a certain age can’t bunk together so we needed the modest three-bedroom home that we bought. Our bank was Washington Mutual. They took our money to help pay the $18 million dollars to Alan Fishman for his three weeks of service. I never hear anything about that. Who’s talking about those issues?

    Remember, when you spout off, you hurt people, your people, your readers. I have developed a thick skin since I became homeless and had to start bunking with my niece and her family. I don’t really care about what you think of me. All I ask is that you do your research a little broader and take into consideration that not all people are scum sucking bottom feeders just waiting for a handout. That is what your words feel like when we read them.

    p.s. We are still NOT on welfare.

  • TRP


    Thanks so much for reading my blog. This is actually not my most recent post; if you click on the “Home” tab you can read more recent posts.

    It is obvious that my article touched a nerve with you, so let me attempt to explain. Everyone falls on bad times now and then, some people to a greater extent than others. Sometimes people get hit with a lot of misfortune, none of which was their fault. In fact, that’s part of what makes a depression so bad; the fact that there just isn’t enough work to go around, even for hard-working people like your husband. I want you to know that I don’t in any way look down on you or think badly of you. I have had a lot of experience with kids from the foster system here in New Mexico, and I want to applaud what you’ve done in giving those kids a loving home. I’m sorry if my article made it sound like I was judging you.

    When I wrote this article, I was not directing it at people like you, who have fallen on hard times due to no fault of their own. I’m talking about people who own a four or five bedroom house and only have two kids. I’m talking to the people who always buy brand new cars instead of saving money by buying used. I’m talking to the people who feel obligated to pay for their kids to have free, unlimited text-messaging on their cell phones.

    The fact is that our society today is incredibly indulgent. Most of us live far above our bare-minimum needs. Now, that isn’t a bad thing. I’m all for people going out and buying what they want to have. But don’t go whining to the government when you can’t afford to make car payments on your brand new Ford F-350 that you don’t really need anyway!

    I have two sisters and a brother. We live in a forty-year-old house that is falling apart faster than my brother, my dad and I can fix it. Our family has never bought a new car, ever. We always buy used. I have a cell phone, but I don’t use it for texting or chatting with my friends; I only use it when absolutely necessary. We don’t have cable TV, even though in the little town where we live, we get absolutely no TV reception. And we very rarely go out to eat as a family; it’s just too expensive. Now, I’m not complaining about any of this. I’m so grateful for what I have. But my point is this. As long as you’re buying new cars and paying for the 100+ channels on cable TV and going out to eat once a week, you have no right to expect a handout from the government.

    Again, I’m sorry that my post sounded as though I was judging you. You and your husband are obviously hard-working people who are very caring and compassionate towards other people. I did not mean in any way to imply that you are a “scum sucking bottom feeder”. In fact, it is people like you who keep going, even when times get rough, who make our nation great. I only wish that our country was made up of more people like you.

  • I agree with pretty much everything you say except your rant on money growing on trees… my comment back to that is simply this… you mean to tell me that its not okay to help one social class, but its okay to help companies full of corruption and greed and bail them out of all of their debts… dems spend money they do not have like its water… and when republicans get their shot at running an economy… the rich always get richer!!!!

    If you want to slam Obama for something stupid by helping people who are not responsible, then slam his ciggarette tax hike… you mean to tell me that smoker have to pay more money to help parents who are out pumping kids out like its nothing… if you want to charge smokers for the irresponsibilty of grown people making sexual mistake after sexual mistake, then use those tax dollars and start forcing mommies and daddies to start getting tubes tied and vesectomies… then even I might begin smoking….

    And if you want to fix an economy… its really quite simple… all you have to do is ask the stupid question… how does the economy move?? It moves with people spending money… well its not moving well because people do not have money… rich conservative companies continue to get greedier and greedier… lower and middle class catch a break, and then that break is always taken away from them by some idiot CEO with a 7 figure income and single digit IQ who decides how great it would be to raise prices and take what extra money these folks in the lower and middle class might have had extra to spend… people now days only have money to pay for their needs, not their wants… this is something Bush, Obama, and McCain do not realize and this will never be realized by any politician because they are all full of crap and all have bad ideas….

    The thing all you Liberals and Conservatives need to understand, is you all think your party is correct and will make the country right when in reality, your party will only benefit a select number of people meanwhile the rest suffer!!!! Welcome to America!!!

    I will finish my rant off by simply throwing a wonderful idea this country… there are a ton of people who believe that this country helps too many people out with benefits such as social security, disabilty, medicaid, foostamps, welfare etc… I agree this country helps a ton of people out who probably do not even care to help themselves, well here is your solution to this problem, start drug testing all people who apply for benefits, and randomly drug test the ones who recieve benefits… I promise you this, the goverement and tax payers would start seeing less money spent when the local goverment offices disqualify about half of these idiots who are allowed to sit at home, get high, and live off of hard working americans tax dollars when they should be spending that money to make our schools better, give better health care to our seniors, rebuild our armed forces (especially since the Bush administration chose to wipe it out and waste billions of dollars to finish his daddies war) and so many other things this country REALLY needs to fix.

    As it relates to the issues of stem cell research. Its quite simple, this is nothing more than a moral issue, and this country is split in the middle… if people would start worrying more about themselves and their own personal problems and quit trying to dictate what others are doing, we might accomplish alot more in this country!!! I personally am not going to worry about what this woman and that man are doing, it is none of my buisness and do not care, and conservatives, please shut up about jesus and god when you are making you political statements… it is quite annoying and is not in any way shape or form relevant to the actual issues at hand… if there is really a heaven or a hell… there is no sense in trying to save hopeless people… let them screw up and send themselves to wherever they are destined to go… currently I am only concerned about my family and what we are doing… its hard enough making it just taking care of ourselves, why in the hell would I add to it by worrying about what crap other people are doing with their own marals and ideals…

  • Now I feel compelled to comment to one of your comments

    you are talking about buying new cars, texting thousands of messages, and all that stuff

    I really do respect your view there on peopkle buying crap they do not need… but man … this stuff is charged at ridiculous prices and people would be able to enjoy these small luxeries… and something else to think about, if everyone wiped out the spending on cell phones, cable tv, eating out, and even buying new cars, then the economy would just suffer more.

    no new cars means less loans which effects banks, which effects the money I put in my bank account

    cellphones create jobs… if people purchased small plans… then you and I both know that there are tons of cell phone companies, they will simply start cutting jobs, and paying their employees less because now they are not recording record setting sales… and this will all trickle down to basically any buisness who sells items that fall along the lines of a want… people who bust their butts working to make other people buissness run deserve some sort of the “sweet” life too… like I said, all the higher ups in these companies do none of the dirty work, collect all the money, keep it to themselves , meanwhile the people who do all the work, get nothing and then struggle to survive and you say not spending money will help them??? it will not help anyone in the long run because all that will happen is the ecomony still will not move, infact it will move slower, and then we will get more rich companies getting bailed out with tax dollars and hard working people 401K money which people set aside to take care of retirement because lord knows the way our goverment blows money, it certainly was supposed to take care of me because the goverment will not do it… look at our seniors now, it will be far worse when either of us are old enough to allow the goverement to get us back

  • Dee

    Dustan, maybe if you looked for a job as long as you spent on the net you wouldn’t be down and out…..

  • your a very very very smart person how you got all this information is very surprising and i wish to now how you got it

  • I enjoyed the post – the only suggestion I would make is in the future you need to use references to back your statements up. Especially when you are posting stuff on the internet, it will strengthen your arguments 10-fold.

    For example I had never really looked into, or heard of what has been going on with stem cell research. So when I read:
    “Doctors tried putting some embryonic stem cells into the head of a man, hoping they would grow to replace a damaged part of his brain. Instead, the cells grew into an uncontrollable tumor composed of hair and flesh.”
    I thought that was pretty f-ed up! But not having any credit to this statement makes me think it might just be made up.
    Other than that though, great job!

  • Joel, your post was so interesting to read. It is pleasing to see other young people who still have good, moral views.
    I agree with everything you have stated.

    Dustin, I think it is downright wrong and silly that you do not care if other people in our country are not being “moral” and upstanding citizens. What will not caring do? It pretty much tells us you do not care for or have hope for our country. Besides, our country is soley based on ethical and moral standards. We need to do what we can to uphold our Constitution and
    laws. Just letting things slip past us like, stem cell research and abortion is not something that America should be standing for in this world.

    2nd-What is the problem with mentioning Jesus and God when we are making decisions? Our nation’s motto is “In God We Trust.”

    Also, the war was not just a “daddy’s war”. We went to war because about 3000 people were swiped out on 9/11 as planes were crashed into the Twin Towers. There are terrible people out there who hate America and want to destroy it. Our military is protecting our land, our people and our freedom.

    Last, we use Capitalism in America. Not everyone can buy the most expensive new “thing”. If people would stop buying out of their means, it would be better. If people would stop getting loans that they can’t ever pay off, it would be better. I do have to agree with you that this problem will probably not be fixed. It just won’t, not in this day and age.

    FYI- My family gives donations to those in need at least every month. Not all conservatives are “greedy”.
    You can’t blame the bad economy on all conservatives. There are rich and greedy Democrats out there as well.
    In fact, I think it is the democrat party that supports ridiculous spending on socialist government programs.

  • This is SO TRUE.. Add the healthcare thing in to.. mind if i use some of these in a video? i’ll post a link to your blog or whatever on the side

  • I dont really know where to start so I’ll give it a random go;
    First of all excuse my english since obviously im not an actual american or from an english speaking country.
    I’ve watched the wars, the presidents changed, (In our europian city’s) the rise of the euro against the will of its people’s, The lisabon verdict;..
    Theres alot of problems going out in the world. But im not here to discuss those, I decided to answer this board because of the truth your speaking.
    Now not only is obama contradicting his every word, we’re also slowly being scammed out of the money our people have worked their blood sweat and tears for years to get.
    Now I wouldnt start pointing fingers like Dustan (No offense) did, Because the potsmokers are very heavily discriminated and can be quite more intelligent people than you ever could assume.
    Starting it off, I dont feel as if I have to blame Obama or Bush for what they did or are doing. I believe in a man behind the man. I dont actually believe in the president to be more than a spokesman for the actual mind.
    Lets get one thing straight, I dont believe in conspiracy theory’s. I believe in a little thing called Greed, Which is naturally implanted in every human being.
    The true fact is that we dont get to pick presidents. Or atleast you dont.
    Every election its 2 or more people THEY choose not you the average middle-classed person does. (They have the same Ideal’s they just cover it up differently).
    Now this wouldnt even have to be a problem if they had their best interest out for the people that keep the world spinning. Not the high classed CEO’s that know no other than to leech of the working class.
    At the very moment, I can speak without a doubt on my mind saying every politician right now is corrupt. From Mr geihtner from the fed, to Mr Mugabe in Afrika. All I can truly hope for as that you (The youth of not only america but the entire world) Will fight for a better world, and fight fire with fire, Or your advanced IQ’s over their limitless greed.
    I’ll be trying to do the same thing in my country. I wish you good luck in the future. Im not that old myself aswell (Nearly 20) But like the previous said, Good luck in the future, And I hope we one day get to meet in person =].

    P.S a small message to Marty Magee, Im very sorry to hear about your husband, and your living situation. My dad has a very similiar problem.
    All I can do is wish you all the luck I can miss (I need a little aswell so dont be to greedy =P) And I wanted to agree on what Joel said, The world needs more good people like you.

    Thanks for taking the time and patience to read my message, Any questions, Quotes Or Answers, I have the board under favorites to share to my friends, and I’ll check by recently to see whats up =]

    Best wishes to all of you, DaestE

  • I don’t understand what you mean about my living situation, DaestE.

  • Ehhh I think I was a little tired when I wrote it, so my excuses for my mistake, I was meant to back paula’s story.
    But thanks for noticing the mistake =]]

  • Dee— Thanks for your ignorance… I do have a job thanks , and when I speak on the crisis people live through each and every day I see it first hand, I manage many people for a company that wants to pay them 7.75 an hour which in this day in age does not cut it anywhere in the country…

    Madison… I do not agree with others values or opinions, but I do respect them, however I do not respect them when they are thrown into somebodies face, people in this country have different values and beliefs and there needs to be more exceptance… not everbody believes in Jesus, not everbody is against abortion, not everybody is against gay marriage, and not everybody is against stem cell research…. personally I am not a fan of gay marriage, nor do I condone abortion… infact I am a single father of 3 and my kids are well taken care of, however I refuse to tell anybody I think they are wrong for thier beliefs, I except people for whothey are, and because I understand that people are different in this country, I certainly understand that their should not be laws put into place based on politicians or social classes beliefs period!!!

    As for the statement I made about daddies war, allow me to clarify… we were attacked on 9/11 by people who claimed to hooked up with Bin Laden… I was fine with us invading Afghanastan, not with Iraq, we accomplished nothing in Iraq, never found weapons of mass destruction and proved Bush was lying and trying to scare the american people into believing what he was saying, and thus in the process stripping us of most of our liberties (patriot act), costing thousands of american troop casualties ( reffering back to my point about rebuilding our armed forces), and wasting more money than Obama could possibly waste in 4-8 years.

    Lastly, I do not blame the economy on all conservatives, nor do I say the Dems are the only ones to fix it, I blame the big buisness owners who flat refuse to come out of their pockets. I blame the CEO’s of companies who profit billions of dollars, but refuse to help their employees who do their dirty work with a decent salary, or with a decent insurance package. Some companies do, most dont.

    I live outside of New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina blew through here, the economy was surging, and not because of FEMA money, but because the locals who stayed or returned were making 10.00 a hour, they were doing great, however it was all ripped away from them when gas prices surged to 4.00 a gallon, and why??? with gas prices rising groceries and utilities increased, infact my electric bill hit 400.00 during the summer months… and then rent went from an average of 700 a month to 1300 a month… just when people here were starting to make it here prices sky rocketed and they were back to where they began, however it has gotten worse especially with wages dropping back down to the 8.00 mark. Its beyond the sweet life folks, people simply cannot even afford to pay the bills for things they need. What are these people supposed to do?? There are not enough jobs around for these people to simply get better jobs… I do not think it is right for people to push their morals on people when they sit back and enjoy life when there are people in this county who bust their asses to make it, and simply fall short… I respect those people and do everything I can to help them and I maybe fall into the middle class…

  • you are extremely smart… and RIGHT! I used one of your exerpts on MY blog… which you should ALL check out. Its politics from the point of view of a 15 year old in the USA. Please go see it! And comment.
    But back to you… you are so extremely right!!! 🙂 keep up the good work.

  • Sam

    This is to Duncan.

    Already, with only a year in office, Obama has spent more money than all of the presidents combined.

  • It is not possible for Obama to have spent more money than all the presidents combined… that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life… and trust me… listening to republicans and democrats will bring out tons of stupidity!!!

  • “I haven’t read the bill, but this is what I think it’s about.”


  • jim

    It is possible and has been done ! Dumn ass! I mean Dustan !

  • Jim wow you are showing a ton intellect here, please reshearch a little better at obamas current pace it will take him another 10 years alone to catch bushs money in iraq…. And let’s get something straight I dislike obama and if I had things my bill clinton would be back in office

  • 1. you have mis-spelled several words– i.e “stakes” should be “steaks”. Next , before you “rant” i thinkl you SHOULD read what you are agruing against(or for, for that mater). Finally, I find it astonishing that an 18 yr old would have such a set mind– you have not had enough life experience to start in on mistakes others arer making– being 18 by definition is a “radical ” time of life – tremendous change, volitility, passion– stop writing , go to Europe , go t Russia, China, Brazil and see, experience those cultures then come back and write something.

    • TRP

      Ya’ know, as a full time college student, I often find it hard to make time to respond to posts on my blog. But this one just caught my attention. Mr. Hall, the attitude of postmodern, ageist, elitist arrogance you display in your comment just left me speechless (but, for better or for worse not wordless…) First of all, Mr. Hall, you have quite a bit of nerve to criticize MY spelling when you misspelled “misspelled”, “think”, “arguing”, “matter”, “are”, “volatility”, and “to”. Secondly, don’t tell me what sort of “life experience” I’ve had when you know NOTHING about me. And finally, do NOT judge or condemn my ideas or arguments based on my age. That is one thing that makes me SO mad; when people write off what I say and the arguments I make based on the fact that I’m eighteen. In fact, maybe I should just remove my age from the website so that it won’t happen in the future. But for your information, Mr. Hall, some of the greatest figures in history (such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln), were all “radicals”, and I consider it an honor that I’m counted among their numbers. As for tremendous change, volatility and passion, I may be passionate, but I am neither volatile nor rapidly changing. My ideas are carefully thought out and I can give a reasonable, logical defense of them. They may or may not be right, but regardless they are rooted in some form of logic, (although that logic is quite possibly flawed, I will admit. If you’d care to show me just where my reasoning is flawed, I’d be most appreciative). Your post, Mr. Hall, typifies just the sort of attitude I truly detest. First of all, you criticize me for something which you obviously struggle with yourself (that is, spelling; I never claimed to be a perfect speller but at least I don’t go around picking at other people’s spelling), secondly, you insist that because I’m 18, my ideas have no merit and can be written off as the views of a “volatile, passionate 18 year old”, (in other words, you’re an ageist), and finally you insist that I must first “experience those (other) cultures” before I will have any credibility on what’s going on in my own country (in other words, you’re also a postmodernist). Your attitude has inspired me so greatly (perhaps this is a moment of the “passion” which you seem to turn your nose up at) that I might just take time out of my busy schedule to write a piece about people with your sort of attitude, although you’ve given me so many things to criticize that I’m not even sure where I’ll start.

      (To everyone else who might be reading this; take note. If you really want a response from me, just make your comment stupid-sounding and arrogant enough, and it may well catch my attention.)

  • I wish I could print out this article and give it to ALL Obama supporters that I come in contact with. Sadly, I do not think it would get through to them. It is so frustrating when we can see what is going on and the supporters around us do not. If someone gave me this article, backed with facts, I would hardly ignore it. Thanks for the great read.

  • Oh sure You are so smart! You start off the column with #1 and then say you haven’t read it?! Then how can you even comment on it! then?! Then you have cheerleaders to boot? (must be you mom) YOU run for pres!?…well i guess if dump truck donald trump can, then any idiot can!

  • TRP

    Haha, thanks. I’ll take that as the compliment it wasn’t meant to be. 🙂 Interesting… you say I can’t criticize the bill because I haven’t read it. But then, by the same reasoning, you cannot SUPPORT the bill if YOU haven’t read it. And I’d be willing to bet a good deal of money that you haven’t actually read Obama’s stimulus package from top to bottom either.

    Hmm… I’ve often wondered… what is it about people like you that compel you to post such hateful, insulting (albeit not very intelligent sounding) comments on blogs with which you disagree? If you don’t like what I’m saying, why not explain where I went wrong, rather than insult me and my wonderful readers? Is it because what I’m saying makes you so angry that you are rendered temporarily incapable of rational thought? Or could it be that perhaps you’re jealous of my ability to articulate my beliefs in rational, reasonable manner such that they are difficult to dispute? Or perhaps deep down you know that I’m just right, and you’re feeling guilty for voting for Obama. Well, never fear… we have a chance to undo some of the damage that has been done in November 2012, so you will have a chance to redeem yourself. 😉

    (Don’t worry though… I highly doubt I’d ever actually run for president. And even if I did, I’m quite sure America is so far gone that I’d never make it past the primaries.)

  • I don’t expect you to reply to this comment because I am not going to insult you. I just wanted to commend you for educating yourself when it comes to politics. It seems that a lot of people nowadays just vote for the most popular person instead of paying attention to what the popular guy is actually doing. So it’s nice to find out that there is someone out there who is actually taking a look at the issues and basing his opinion on that rather than ignoring the facts that are staring you right in the face. Your arguments are sound and you make them without resorting to petty name-calling.

  • Awesome read! Way to express your opinion and put it out there!

  • lol Charlie, you totally sound like a kid who attends college! More smart than everyone else around you but too dumb to accept a critical eye and a differentiating perspective.

    Go to China? Spain? You mean to a Communist country that kills their own children and dumps them in the ocean along with all the tech waste not to mention the 50+ million people TORTURED AND KILLED under Chairman MAO or to a country (Spain) whose economy is collapsing due to the SAME class warfare being seeded here by Obama and his Marxist Ideology?

    You actually make it more compelling to NOT go to a foreign country based on the examples given.

    Let me source that for you to Mr Hall for your loyal subjects to research

    Agence France Press (25 Sept. 1999) citing at length from Courtois, Stephane, Le Livre Noir du Communism:
    Rural purges, 1946-49: 2-5M deaths
    Urban purges, 1950-57: 1M
    Great Leap Forward: 20-43M
    Cultural Revolution: 2-7M
    Labor Camps: 20M
    Tibet: 0.6-1.2M
    TOTAL: 44.5 to 72M
    Jasper Becker, Hungry Ghosts : Mao’s Secret Famine (1996)
    Estimates of the death toll from the Great Leap Forward, 1959-61:
    Judith Banister, China’s Changing Population (1984): 30M excess deaths (acc2 Becker: “the most reliable estimate we have”)
    Wang Weizhi, Contemporary Chinese Population (1988): 19.5M deaths
    Jin Hui (1993): 40M population loss due to “abnormal deaths and reduced births”
    Chen Yizi of the System Reform Inst.: 43-46M deaths
    Forcible collectivization: 27 million peasants
    Cultural Revolution: 1-2 million
    TOTAL: 29 million deaths under Mao
    Daniel Chirot:
    Land reform, 1949-56
    According to Zhou Enlai: 830,000
    According to Mao Zedong: 2-3M
    Great Leap Forward: 20-40 million deaths.
    Cultural Revolution: 1-20 million
    Jung Chang, Mao: the Unknown Story (2005)
    Suppression of Counterrevolutionaries, 1950-51: 3M by execution, mob or suicide
    Three-Anti Campaign, 1952-53: 200,000-300,000 suicides
    Great Leap Forward, 1958-61: 38M of starvation and overwork
    Cultural Revolution, 1966-76: > 3M died violent deaths
    Laogai camp deaths, 1949-76: 27M
    TOTAL under Mao: 70M
    Dictionary of 20C World History: around a half million died in Cultural Rev.
    Govt executes landlords (1950-51): 1,000,000
    Cultural Revolution (1967-68): 50,000
    1958-61 Famine: 30 million deaths.
    Kurt Glaser and Stephan Possony, Victims of Politics (1979):
    They estimate the body count under Mao to be 38,000,000 to 67,000,000.
    Cited by G & P:
    Walker Report (see below): 44.3M to 63.8M deaths.
    The Government Information Office of Taiwan (18 Sept. 1970): 37M deaths in the PRC.
    A Radio Moscow report (7 Apr. 1969): 26.4M people had been exterminated in China.
    (NOTE: Obviously the Soviets and Taiwanese would, as enemies, be strongly motivated to exaggerate.)
    Guinness Book of World Records:
    Although nowadays they don’t come right out and declare Mao to be the Top Dog in the Mass Killings category, earlier editions (such as 1978) did, and they cited sources which are similar, but not identical, to the Glaser & Possony sources:
    On 7 Apr. 1969 the Soviet government radio reported that 26,300,000 people were killed in China, 1949-65.
    In April 1971 the cabinet of the government of Taiwan reported 39,940,000 deaths for the years 1949-69.
    The Walker Report (see below): between 32,2500,000 and 61,700,000.
    Harff and Gurr:
    KMT cadre, rich peasants, landlords (1950-51): 800,000-3,000,000
    Cultural Revolution (1966-75): 400,000-850,000
    John Heidenrich, How to Prevent Genocide: A Guide for Policymakers, Scholars, and the Concerned Citizen: 27M death toll, incl. 2M in Cultural Revolution
    Paul Johnson doesn’t give an overall total, but he gives estimates for the principle individual mass dyings of the Mao years:
    Land reform, first years of PRC: at least 2 million people perished.
    Great Leap Forward: “how many millions died … is a matter of conjecture.”
    Cultural Revolution: 400,000, calling the 3 Feb. 1979 estimate by Agence France Presse, “The most widely respected figure”.
    Meisner, Maurice, Mao’s China and After (1977, 1999), doesn’t give an overall total either, but he does give estimates for the three principle mass dyings of the Mao years:
    Terror against the counterrevolutionaries: 2 million people executed during the first three years of the PRC.
    Great Leap Forward: 15-30 million famine-related deaths.
    Cultural Revolution: 400,000, citing a 1979 estimate by Agence France Presse.
    R. J. Rummel:
    Democide: 34,361,000 (1949-75)
    The principle episodes being…
    All movements (1949-58): 11,813,000
    incl. Land Reform (1949-53): 4,500,000
    Cult. Rev. (1964-75): 1,613,000
    Forced Labor (1949-75): 15,000,000
    Great Leap Forward (1959-63): 5,680,000 democides
    War: 3,399,000
    Famine: 34,500,000
    Great Leap Forward: 27M famine deaths
    TOTAL: 72,260,000
    Cited in Rummel:
    Li, Cheng-Chung (Republic of China, 1979): 78.86M direct/indirect deaths.
    World Anti-Communist League, True Facts of Maoist Tyranny (1971): 64.5M
    Glaser & Possony: 38 to 67M (see above)
    Walker Report, 1971 (see below): 31.75M to 58.5M casualties of Communism (excluding Korean War).
    Current Death Toll of International Communism (1979): 39.9M
    Stephen R. Shalom (1984), Center for Asian Studies, Deaths in China Due To Communism: 3M to 4M death toll, excluding famine.
    Walker, Robert L., The Human Cost of Communism in China (1971, report to the US Senate Committee of the Judiciary) “Casualties to Communism” (deaths):
    1st Civil War (1927-36): .25-.5M
    Fighting during Sino-Japanese War (1937-45): 50,000
    2nd Civil War (1945-49): 1.25M
    Land Reform prior to Liberation: 0.5-1.0M
    Political liquidation campaigns: 15-30M
    Korean War: 0.5-1.234M
    Great Leap Forward: 1-2M
    Struggle with minorities: 0.5-1.0M
    Cultural Revolution: .25-.5M
    Deaths in labor camps: 15-25M
    TOTAL: 34.3M to 63.784M
    TOTAL FOR PRC: 32M to 59.5M
    July 17, 1994, Washington Post (Great Leap Forward 1959-61)
    Shanghai University journal, Society: > 40 million
    Cong Jin: 40 million
    Chen Yizi: 43 million in the famine. 80 million total as a result of Mao’s policies.
    Weekly Standard, 29 Sept. 1997, “The Laogai Archipelago” by D. Aikman:
    Between 1949 and 1997, 50M prisoners passed through the labor camps, and 15,000,000 died (citing Harry Wu)
    WHPSI: 1,633,319 political executions and 25,961 deaths from political violence, 1948-77. TOTAL: 1,659,280
    Analysis: If we line up the 14 sources which claim to be complete, the median falls in the 45.75 to 52.5 million range, so you probably can’t go wrong picking a final number from this neighborhood. Depending on how you want to count some of the incomplete estimates (such as Becker and Meisner) and whether to count a source twice (or thrice, as with Walker) if it’s referenced by two different authorities, you can slide the median up and down the scale by many millions. Keep in mind, however, that official Chinese records are hidden from scrutiny, so most of these numbers are pure guesses. It’s pointless to get attached to any one of them, because the real number could easily be half or twice any number here.
    Perhaps a better way of estimating would be to add up the individual components. The medians here are:
    Purges, etc. during the first few years: 2M (10 estimates)
    Great Leap Forward: 31-33M (14 estimates)
    Cultural Revolution: 1M (13 estimates)
    Ethnic Minorities, primarily Tibetans: 750-900T (8 estimates, see below)
    Labor Camps: 20M (5 estimates)
    This produces a total of some 54,750,000 to 56,900,000 deaths. The weak link in this calculation is in the Labor Camp numbers for which we only have 5 estimates.
    Notice that many early body counts (such as Walker) completely miss the famine during the Great Leap Forward, which was largely unknown in the west until around 1980. There are two contradictory ways to assess those early estimates which ignore the famine:
    “If these are the numbers that they came up with without the famine, imagine how high the true number will be once you add the famine deaths.”
    “Can we trust any of these numbers? After all, if they missed such a huge famine, they can’t have known very much about what was going on inside China.”
    … so this line of reasoning will get us nowhere. In fact, the median of the 7 estimate that predate 1980 is 45.7M, which is almost the same as the median of the 7 estimates that post-date 1980 — 58M. (At this scale, a 12M difference counts as “almost the same”.)

  • TRP

    @Nichole: Haha… well… you’re right… normally I don’t respond to the people that actually like what I right. But I do want to say thanks for the encouraging comment. It’s always great to get positive feedback from my readers!

    @thericker: Thanks for the post! Normally when I right, I don’t have the time to dig up references to back up what I’m saying, but you certainly did! You are so right about China and Spain. There is no need to go visit other countries to “learn from them.” All SUCCESSFUL countries (meaning successful as in managing to have a thriving economy WITHOUT killing millions of innocent civilians) in the world today have governments which are based on the United States Constitution. We don’t need to learn from other countries; we just need to learn from our own Founding Fathers.

  • ^.^ ahahahahahahahahahaha this is sooo going on facebook!!!!! I think its dumb how Obama is spending tax payer dollars like it is no tomorrow!!! My generation is so narrow minded and lazy has hell, they don’t want to work hard, they want The president to take care of all there stupid stuff!!!!! I think its sad when a 16 year old one-ups there history teachers and english teachers about Obama.

    ~~~ gotta love washington….. so freaking blue!!!!

  • K

    Okay, about the mortgage thing; Just because you can’t pay your mortgage it doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible. Ever think of maybe something happening that caused them to be unable to pay for their mortgage? Like maybe loss in a job or being robbed or other conditions?

    Yea, I lost my house at the age of fifteen because my family couldn’t afford to pay for it anymore, not because we were irresponsible, but because of certain personal conditions. I’d have been so grateful if the government had helped us out.

    So before you judge people and call them irresponsible, take a second of your time to think about what could possibly be going on in their lives that make it so hard on them that they couldn’t afford a place to live.

  • Dude, he’s not judging people that lost their homes because they lost their job… He’s saying that couples making $50k a year shouldn’t have taken on a mortgage for a McMansion in Developmentburb, USA.

    Anyway, nice writing man. Well articulated thoughts. I am going to share your stuff with others.

  • You already know therefore considerably in the case of this topic, produced me in my view imagine it from a lot of various angles. Its like women and men aren’t interested until it’s one thing to do with Woman gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. All the time handle it up!

  • What about Mitt Romney, What’s he got to offer?

    • TRP

      The most important thing that Romney offers is the fact that he is not Obama.

      Okay, that is admittedly an exaggeration. But, Romney does offer the fact that he knows how to balance a budget, and make a profit. And what our government needs right know is someone who knows how business works, who can go into the government, clean it up, cut the unprofitable parts out, and trim the parts that are critical so that they run as efficiently as possible. Obama, I think, is probably incapable of doing that.

  • Wes

    You are so dumb. I can’t believe people are supporting these under-developed claims you have presented. For instance, the Stimulus package was actually a great idea. It doesn’t matter where the government spends the money. All that matters is that money is being funneled back into the economy. Post WWI for instance: USSR, Germany, and Italy all were on the brink of economic breakdown. All three nations instigated forms of debt inducing stimulus packages. As a result, all three nations quickly rose to international economic superiority.
    Please people, don’t buy into this guy’s rubbish. Do a little research first and you may be surprised with how effective Obama has been.
    And don’t ever forget who got us into this disaster in the first place (Bush).

    • TRP

      Oh dear. You know, every time I see a comment on my blog that begins with something like “you are so dumb,” I just can’t resist responding.

      Do you honestly think that insulting my intelligence makes YOU look more trustworthy and credible? It seems to me as though you are trying to build yourself up by tearing me down. I think that this generally is the result of some kind of insecurity complex, although I don’t really know, as I’ve never felt the need to tear others down to boost myself up. But I can imagine that perhaps you’re jealous of the fact that I have a blog and people actually agree with me. Perhaps you’re angry that there are people who happen to like what I’m saying. Perhaps you’re envious of the fact that people even pay attention to what I say at all. Maybe that’s what has led you to come out with this blatant assault on my intelligence. I don’t really know. But let me assure you, the only person upon whom it reflects poorly is yourself. Just a tip, Wes, for future reference: attacking the intelligence of your opponent (we call that an ad hominem attack in formal logic, by the way), is not only faulty reasoning, but when executed as poorly as yours was, makes you look very, very bad. (Now, it is possible to execute an ad hominem with much more finesse and skill, in which case it can be much more effective, but even then it is just as fallacious.)

      Now, on to your “points.” (You asked for it… you get the full treatment). You state that the stimulus package was actually a great idea. And then you go on to “prove” your point by citing the supposed stimulus packages of France, Germany and the USSR after World War I. All I can say is… you have got to be thinking about the wrong world war. After World War I, all three of the countries you mentioned floundered economically, and I would not recommend that the US follow the steps they took to try and fix things. For example in Italy, Benito Mussolini the facist dictator soon took over the government after World War I. Now, you’re right that he did try some “stimulus” programs (Battle for Land and Battle for Wheat, for example). However, you’re wrong about their success. While his programs did meet with some semi-success, by and large the success was short lived, and in the end they added more to the national debt, and the people were just as poor afterwards as they were before.

      Russia was actually the USSR by the end of World War I. Between the two world wars, Russia saw the rise of communism and collectivism. Again, I suppose this could be called a “stimulus package” although it was really just a communist takeover of private property. As you may know, Russia saw massive starvation during this period in history. Stalin had peasants shipped out to agricultural labor camps to work in farms, and as many as one in five of those peasants died in the labor camps. I think most historians will agree with me when I say that the people of Russia were much better off before this “stimulus package” then after.

      And of course… we cannot forget Germany. Germany was severely punished in the Treaty of Versailles, which led to one of the greatest depressions in modern history. Inflation in Germany skyrocketed so much that the value of money changed by the hour (you had to go out and spend your pay as soon as you got it; if you waited ‘till the next day it wouldn’t be worth nearly as much). It got so bad that the money wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on (almost literally). This depression led to the rise of Adolph Hitler. In case you’ve forgotten, Hitler’s idea of a stimulus plan was to kill off the handicapped, elderly, mentally disabled, and other undesirables, including Jews and gypsies. Now granted, this did stimulate the economy somewhat (suddenly all that money going to support the disabled could be spent on goods and services).

      So, you’re right that all these countries implemented what might be considered a “stimulus plan,” but you’re wrong that they did any good. The only case in which this is somewhat correct is Germany, and Hitler’s “stimulus plan” was at the cost of the lives of millions.

      You know Wes, if you had just insulted me, that would be one thing. But then you insult the intelligence of my audience. I happen to think that my audience is on average quite intelligent, and that they don’t deserve the likes of you telling them what and what not to believe. Of course, the crowning jewel in your comment is when you encourage the readers to “do a little research first.” This is so sad and yet so amusing at the same time, since you obviously neglected to do “a little research” before making your claims about the economy of post-WWI Europe. You remind me of the misspelling poster who criticized me for my spelling. Please, please, please, if you’re going to play the “do some research” card, at least have SOME idea of what you’re talking about before you tell others how misinformed they are.

      Since Obama’s stimulus plan, unemployment has gone up, the economy has been on a steady decline, national debt has skyrocketed, and we’ve lost our AAA credit rating. If you want research, that’s research. If you want facts, those are facts.

      As for your last statement about Bush, this simply reveals the fact that you swallow hook, line and sinker whatever the liberal media spoon-feeds you about Republicans without a though. I’m not claiming that Bush was perfect… he had more than his share of mistakes. But claiming that this recession was Bush’s fault is absurd. As I’ve explained before on this blog, there are plenty of people to blame for the housing bubble, both Democrat and Republican, but Bush is not among them.

  • TRP

    Oh, and by the way, you might criticize me for not citing enough references. Well, this isn’t English 101, and I’m not getting graded (thank heavens), so I unfortunately don’t feel like investing the time and mental stamina needed to cite my sources. But I would invite and encourage any who are skeptical of my claims to verify what I’m saying on Wikipedia or any history book of your choice.

  • TRP

    Haha… one thing that always amuses me is when people hate my guts because of what I’ve said, but can’t seem to put together so much as one logical thought about why I’m wrong. So instead, they resort to comments which have no real meaning. I mean, really, if my arguments are so “lame” then surely you should be able to offer at least one real, rational criticism, right? Is it that my arguments are so “lame” that they don’t even deserve the dignity of a response? (And if so, why have so many others who disagree with me taken the time to respond?) Or is it that my arguments make you angry, but you can’t seem to find a logical flaw in them, so you resort to profanity?

    Oh well… I guess what they say is true. It’s best to be loved, next best to be hated, and worst to be ignored. So at least you’ve given me the pleasure of knowing that I’m right enough to be hated by the likes of you. 🙂

  • I hope you would not mind if I posted a part of this site on my univeristy blog?

  • TRP

    Of course not! Please just include a link to this site.

  • This list is not a list of things that obama did to screw up america, this is a list of things that show records of times when obama didn’t use his name

  • As soon as i read that rail systems, green energy research, and electric vehicle technology is part of a “democratic project to further their own agendas” i realized that you are a biased fool and couldn’t take anymore of this idiotic drivel. If preventing this country from killing the earth we live on, reducing green house emmisions and setting up our future generations for a sustainable lifestyle with clean energy and increased efficiency of transported goods while producing numerous new jobs for Americans, is some evil democratic political agenda, then maybe I should join them. It’s very apparent that people become so blinded by their party bias, racial bias, and other non-policy related items that they will say just about anything to slander the target of their hate.
    This is one of those times. I will however say that i agree with you that the DTV funding is ridiculous. That being said, you are still so far off base its sickening, and let it also be noted that i am a white male with no party affiliation. I only wish for the advancement of the American people, and really humanity in general. It’s time for you to WAKE UP.
    P.S. I have a feeling this will be deleted very shortly.

  • TRP

    Haha, well, I appreciate your opinion. If I thought that man-made global warming were actually a real threat, I might be inclined to agree with you, somewhat. But the fact is, the data just doesn’t back up global warming. But that’s another story all together.

    Let me ask you something though. Suppose investing in “green energy” actually was a worthwhile thing for the government to do. Have they actually DONE it? I’m not seeing any new high-speed railroads being built yet. I haven’t seen any green vehicles come out (except the pathetic excuse for an electric car, the Volt, which was a total flop by all accounts). I may not be a fan of green energy research, but I’d take a new high-speed rail system over what we’ve actually gotten out of the stimulus package (i.e. NOTHING) any day! But even by what Obama claimed the stimulus would do, it has been an utter failure.

    By the way, I never delete comments. Part of the idea of this blog is to give EVERYONE an outlet, not just me. As long as you watch the language and keep it clean (which you did, thanks!), your comments stay.

  • Awesome blog, it was very entertaining. 🙂

    ^Just a side note about a high-speed railway system… CA voted (not me, though :P) in favor for that in the last election, and so far? The bond money (several hundred million, I think?) they got out of the deal raised enough money for …..5 miles of track. FIVE MILES. This was supposed to be a railway from LA to SF. Yeah… five miles is really gonna cut it.

    Anyway, I’m really not in favor of a high-speed railway system. It’s going to cost BILLIONS, and really not be any faster than flying anyway. Plus, I’m sure the tickets will be crazy expensive.

  • Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i
    was just curious if you get a lot of spam remarks?
    If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.

  • way to go, kid. I am a gun toting, Obama hating 40 year old female Christian. I am an author. I also smoke marijuana for chemotherapy. there are so many stupid people on this blog alone, let alone in this country.. your spelling is not what shines through here… your intellect is. yea, Obama is blowing money like a drunken sailor.. trips for his daughters to private island resorts, trips for him and michelle to jet all about on vacations… i counted, seriously, $15,000 on Michelle alone in two debates. what happened to “we wear clothes from target and eat hamburger helper?” I believe Obama was not born in this country and I believe he is a treasonist who is intentionally ruining our country and laughing about it. if you don’t believe it, go get a copy of Rolling Stone magazine and look at the cover. so many idiots out there suck up anything Obama hand feeds the media to say and then bashes people who are smart enough to see through the lies. keep up the good work.

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