Obama’s Exquisite Gifts (Follow Up)

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, one of the top stupid things Obama has done is return Prime Minister Brown’s high-priced, collector’s item gifts with a set of 25 DVDs and toy helicopters. But, as stupid as this was, I haven’t heard anyone in the media besides the conservative talk-show hosts really talking about it or giving the story justice. Now, I’d like some honest opinions from conservatives and liberals alike. How do you think the media would have reacted if George Bush did exactly the same thing eight years ago? Do you think they would have reacted differently?

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Exquisite Gifts (Follow Up)”

  • The media would have flipped out. Everyone would have heard of it would have been on every major news show. I can’t wrap my finger around what the big deal with Bush and Cheney is. They were both way more qualified than Obama and they did a pretty good job with fighting the war on terror.

  • Dax

    If Bush had done it, the “Liberal” type media shows would’ve said something about it, but I don’t think the conservatives would have. Pretty much all mainstream media is equally dishonest, they just have different objectives. I don’t usually agree with people who call themselves conservative OR liberal, but you’re a fairly intelligent guy, and I don’t like Obama either. Just letting you know I’m not really biased either way. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that the guy doesn’t really respect all that traditional, ceremonial crap, but what he did just made him look disrespectful.

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