St. Patty’s Day Blunder

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. Corned beef, cabbage, and green clothing of just about every kind you can imagine abounded. But lost in all that was something that should have, and would have, made the news if it had happened to anyone other than the messiah.

The Irish Prime Minister was just a few lines into his speech at the White House St. Patrick’s Day Party when he realized it sounded too familiar. It was, in fact. It was the speech that President Obama had given a few minutes earlier. It was being played by accident on the teleprompter. He realized the mistake, and stopped speaking., saying “This is the wrong speech.”

Obama walked up to the podium, chuckling, to take over. He began reading the speech that was being displayed on the teleprompter. That turned out to be the Prime Minister’s speech. The teleprompter operator had apparently corrected the mistake. But a little too late.

Obama read through the Irish Prime Minister’s whole speech. He even thanked himself for inviting everyone to the party.

They called George Bush unpolished and a bad speaker. But Obama’s utter dependence on the teleprompter makes George Bush look like Mark Antony giving Julius Caesar’s funeral oration. Obama has once again bungled an important event, showing himself to be the idiot that he truly is. But I’m forced to wonder, again. Why didn’t I hear about this anywhere other than the Rush Limbaugh show? Why haven’t I heard Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw lamenting the incompetency of our president, as they surely would have done if George Bush had made the same mistake. Where’s the late night comedians mocking Obama, and the news networks playing the video (if it’s even out there… I haven’t found it), over and over?

Can anyone say: media bias?