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First of all, I want to apologize for such a long period of inactivity. Well, you all know how it is, I’m sure. You mean to write, but keep on putting it off and putting it off, until next thing you know, months have gone by since your last post. Well, that’s life.

I wanted to take some time tonight to talk about something Patrick Henry is quoted as saying: “Give me liberty or give me death.” Many people proudly quote this phrase and say that they too would have rather die than let their liberty be taken away. I’d like to see how this applies to a very front and center issue of today: health care.

Now, of course, our liberty has been being slowly disappearing over the last hundred years or so. But today, there is a very real, very serious threat to our liberty which endangers us all: socialized medicine. First of all, this is simply just a stupid idea. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when the government runs an organization, quality goes down and cost goes up. And for that reason alone, I would think that the idea of socialized medicine would be almost universally laughed at. Unfortunately, due to the high levels of mass-stupidity which plague America today, there are many, many people who actually believe that a publically run health-care system is a good idea.

That’s bad enough, of course. But what makes it far worse are the provisions in the current health care bill which state that Americans will not be allowed to use a private health care option. Now, quite frankly, I find this terrifying. I am scared to death at the prospect of a government bureaucrat making my medical decisions for me. I don’t know of anyone who actually trusts the government to do a good job at anything. This, to me, makes the idea of mandatory government run healthcare seem completely, utterly absurd.

But beyond the seriousness, (and absurdity) of the situation, there’s a principle involved here that goes beyond the government doing a bad job at just about everything. A mandatory health-care system run by the government is quite possibly the most blatant disregard of individual liberty within the last hundred years in America. The right to control one’s own body; what medications go in, which treatments are used, etc. seems, to me at least, like an absolutely fundamental right that should NEVER be violated. And yet, we stand to lose that liberty if this current health care system proposed by President Obama becomes law.

So, I’d like to challenge you, my readers, on the issue of health care. Is it a fundamental right to control one’s own body? And if so, are we as Americans willing to stand behind Patrick Henry and join him in saying: Give me liberty, or give me death!

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  • I know this post is old- but I agree with you. I HATE the Obamacare health plan. I hated it when he was pushing for it. I hate that the American people said, “No, we don’t want this!” and Obama STILL forced it in. I always thought it was just that the government would pay our medical bills which would give them control of what medical treatment we can recieve, which is a horrifying idea, but I thought that was only if you couldn’t afford insurance. Now I know a little bit more, unless I have been misinformed. It is illegal NOT to have insurance. That is what Obamacare does. But if my information is correct, it goes deeper than that. If you are 27 years old and you don’t have insurance, it’s not you who will get in trouble. It’s your parents. It doesn’t matter if you have been living on your own since you were 18 and paying your own bills. If you are 27 or younger and do not get insurance for yourself, your parents get stuck with a hefty fine. Here’s the situation I’m in- I’m 30. My husband is 25. (Yeah, I robbed the cradle- or he was stalking the nursing home.) So, if we didn’t have insurance, his parents would be in trouble for him. But then he would be in trouble for not providing me with insurance since he’s the one that works and I stay at home and take care of the kids. That’s just crazy. I guess that kind of goes along with your other post about the imbalance our government creates. I could have the information wrong, but that’s the way it has been explained to me and it just seems wrong.

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