Mitt Romney: What Does He Have to Offer?

If you’re a hard-core conservative, then chances are you’re less than thrilled about the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. Let me say, I share your sentiment. There are, quite frankly, a lot of things not to like about Romney. The two things that bother me most about Romney are his version of Obamacare in Massachusetts while he was governor, and his flip-flopping about abortion. These are both problems which Romney will have to face up to and deal with in the coming months. Also, I’m just not really convinced that Romney will fight for conservatism and liberty like he needs to. This country needs someone who’s absolutely dedicated to the idea of personal freedom and liberty. Quite frankly, both the Republicans and the Democrats have violated this principle more times then I like to think about in the past several years. So, I’m far from gung-ho about Romney. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons why I’m still convinced that Romney is the right person to vote for.

To start off with, let’s watch a recent Obama ad aimed at Romney:

Obama is obviously trying to demonize Romney by claiming that Romney destroys jobs and will destroy the American economy. But honestly, my first thought when I saw this ad was… great! Romney knows how to lay people off! Romney knows how to cut companies that aren’t profitable! Romney knows how to trim employees who aren’t needed! What Bain Capital did to all those companies in the commercial is exactly what needs to happen to the United States government! It needs to be cut, trimmed, and reduced to a reasonable size. And not like the supposed “line by line” cuts which Obama claimed he would do (whatever happened to Obama’s promised review of the budget, anyway?), but real, tangible cuts which actually reduce spending. I think that Romney, as a business man, is very capable of doing that (this commercial is proof of it) while Obama is unwilling, if not incapable, of making the cuts that the nation needs.

That’s the main reason why I think Romney is the right person for the job. As every sensible person should realize, our country just cannot go on spending money we don’t have. The national debt is absolutely out of control right now, and spending has got to be cut before it’s too late. We’ve already had a few close calls with the government shutdowns. But those potential shutdowns were all self-imposed by congress. Imagine the day when the threat of shutting down the government comes not because congress won’t raise the debt ceiling, but because other countries refuse to lend us more money. We’re already getting close to this. We lost our AAA credit rating, and if we continue on like this, we will be downgraded again. It’s only a matter of time before other countries realize that the United States is a bad investment, and stop lending us more money. Romney is a businessman who should be capable (if anyone is), of turning the United States budget around to a point where we can actually start paying off our debt, instead of spending ourselves into oblivion as we have been doing.

What are Romney’s other strong points? Well… there are a few. For example, I’m confident that Romney is strong enough to handle foreign policy well, or at least much better than Obama has. Also, while Romney’s not exactly the red-hot conservative many of us were hoping for, I think he’s smart enough to know that he will be expected to remain conservative if elected. He surely realizes that if he’s elected, it will be thanks to the Tea Party. And if he alienates the Tea Party by enacting a bunch of liberal policies, then I think he will face a very tough reelection, and likely lose to a Democrat in 2016.

Romney has his good qualities… but still leaves a lot to be desired. This makes it even more tempting than usual to go and vote libertarian, but that would be a wasted vote. To all the people who would tell others to vote libertarian instead of Republican, I will say this: put your money where your mouth is. You want a libertarian for president? Fine! I’m behind you all the way. But I refuse to throw away my vote unless I know a libertarian actually has a chance of winning. And unless a candidate has significant campaign money, there’s no chance that they will be elected. So I’m not going to give away my vote until I see a viable, financially supported libertarian candidate.

Long and short of the story: Unless Gary Johnson miraculously gets millions in donations, my vote is for Romney.

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: What Does He Have to Offer?”

  • Well written and well reasoned. In absence of the perfect candidate (who never seems to show up), you go with the best option available.

    Since my old pair of Nike hightops would be better as president than BO, I’m in for Romney, as well.

  • TRP

    Thanks! Yeah, the other reason to vote for Romney which you mentioned and I didn’t is the fact that he’s NOT Obama… that right there is almost reason enough.

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