Romney Hits the Nail on the Head at Solyndra

Yesterday, Mitt Romney visited Solyndra, a symbol of the failed Obama economics policies. You can watch the speech he gave here:


I must say, I think Romney hit the nail on the head. Solyndra is a perfect example of Obama’s complete lack of understanding of business and economics. As Romney said, Obama’s idea of “free enterprise” is taking money from the taxpayers, and giving it to his friends. Although, I would go further than that. I think that Obama knows exactly what free enterprise is. Obama is actively running against free enterprise. See one example here:


This video is only one of many examples of Obama’s anti-capitalism, anti-freedom philosophy. Obama doesn’t have a poor understanding of free enterprise. He knows exactly what free enterprise is, and he’s out to kill it.

Romney goes on to criticize the Solyndra plant as being too extravagant, citing the thermostat adjustable showers with music for the employees to listen to as they bathe? To that I would say, bravo Mitt. Why is it that corporations get chewed out for having private jets, while Solyndra can get away with building an extravagant palace using tax-payer money? Why is it that corporate executives get criticized for living lavish lifestyles, while government officials can get away with millions in bonuses? Corporations actually produce things and make people’s lives better. What has Solyndra, or any government investment like it, actually produced? Absolutely nothing, other than a debt which will be next to impossible to repay.

Romney also made a good point on why government intervention in the private sector is a bad idea, even if the company the government invests in is successful. As Romney said, the government is sending the message to everyone else that the best way to succeed in business is not to have a good product, not to have a creative idea, but to have good lobbyists. The simple fact is that it’s not the government’s job to pick winners and losers in business. The government’s job is to remove barriers to private enterprise, not to decide which companies deserve to succeed and which companies don’t. The free market works if left to itself, but as soon as government sticks its nose into private sector’s business, the result is multi-million dollar blunders like Solyndra.

There is an active war on capitalism and freedom in general underway in the country, and Barack Obama is leading the charge.