Destroy America: Yes We Can!

If you’re like me, you probably get a bunch of emails from every corner of the political world every day. With most of them, I promptly hit the delete button and move on, but there is one variety which always catches my eye. For some reason, I always enjoy reading the emails which predict the eminent collapse of the United States, either from foreign invasion or else from inward destruction, or possibly a combination of both. I normally only sort of half-way pay attention, for the most part writing the warnings of disaster off as paranoia with a hint of fear-mongering. But I saw an article today that causes me to change the way I look at such emails. You can read it for yourself here:

In case you didn’t read the article, here’s the short version. A Russian attack submarine has been cruising around in the Gulf of Mexico for WEEKS, and we didn’t even KNOW about it until after they left. At the same time, Russian strategic bombers were flying in restricted U.S. airspace near Alaska and California. I assume we DID know about those at the time, but our military did absolutely nothing about it.

I don’t know if the Russians are out to get us, or whether they’re just flexing their military muscles. Regardless of the Russian intentions, this clearly demonstrates that as a country, we are vulnerable and ripe for destruction. I mean, my goodness, if the Russians can fly bombers over our RESTRICTED AIRSPACE without us so much as batting an eyelash, what WILL it take for them to get a reaction out of us? Will they have to fire cruise missiles at the White House before they get our beloved leader’s attention? It seems hard to believe, but I think Obama truly is intent on bringing America down. Maybe he doesn’t want to destroy the U.S. entirely, but I think he definitely wants to destroy our prosperity and give us a big slice of humble pie. If you have any doubts, just look at his record so far. He’s spending us into bankruptcy, while at the same time cutting our military. He’s reduced our nuclear arsenal to almost nothing, and cutting the military budget by $487 billion. And when Russia flies bombers into our strategic air space, he does NOTHING.

I truly think that Obama has a chip on his shoulder, and an enduring grudge against the U.S., particularly the middle and upper class. Any one of his blunders might be excusable as just that: a stupid blunder. If it were JUST the economy, or JUST our national defense, or JUST the excessive taxation of the upper and middle classes, or JUST the assault on our personal liberty and freedom through healthcare takeover, I MIGHT be able to write it off as the mistake of a well-meaning liberal. But all of these combined leads me to one conclusion: Obama wants to teach the U.S. a lesson. He’s tired of us being number one in the world, and he’s ready for us to be brought down a notch. To me, this is truly frightening.

I’ve felt for a long time that our country is headed for some kind of disaster, and this just makes me more sure. I just wonder if it’s too late to save ourselves. Maybe we should all move to Texas and secede before things get really ugly.

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  • Kay

    Haha, I’m also a young conservative like you, and just yesterday my family was having a talk about Obama and my dad pretty much exactly like what you were talking about in this post. Even the part about moving to Texas and seceding with them. xD

  • Kay

    Ahhh, I hate typos! *and my dad was saying pretty much…

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